Monday, July 23, 2012

Poetry Baskets: Winter

I finally got around to finding, typing, and adding pictures to some more poems for the poetry baskets that I would like to incorporate into the curriculum this coming school year!  So, here you go:




If you did not see my original post about Poetry Baskets, you can find it here.  There are also some helpful links to other blogs with info about making poetry baskets.

I am busily preparing for the coming school year!  It will be my second year using a Montessori-based curriculum at my preschool and I am very excited about it!  Currently I am working to complete my curriculum calendar for the year, which includes monthly themes (previously I have done weekly themes), holidays we will learn about and celebrate, field trips, and pretend play area changes (I have chosen to keep my pretend play area even though you would not find this area in a traditional Montessori school), and info about school breaks.

In the past I have not planned out field trips or the pretend play area ahead of time.  My preschool is a co-op, meaning parents not only help in the classroom, they also take on a job.  Planning field trips and changing the pretend play area are both parent jobs.  However, I decided that if I have a general plan for field trips and pretend play area changes already made up, it will make things a little more straight forward for the parents in charge of these jobs.

That's it for today!  Sorry for not having any pictures again - during the school year it is much easier for me to actually have pictures to post than during the Summer when school is not in session.

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