Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Poetry Baskets: Fall

Last year one of the ideas I found while looking around online was setting up poetry baskets in my classroom - something I have never done before.  What is in a poetry basket, you may ask?  Well, inside a poetry basket you will find:

1) A poem, typed or neatly written, with pictures/graphics to go along with key ideas in the poem.
2) Objects that match the pictures/graphics on the typed poem.
3) A pointer to point to the words in each poem.

There are several blogs that have pictures and ideas for poetry baskets online:

Living Montessori Now

My Montessori Journey

Chasing Cheerios

Counting Coconuts

So, this is what I have been working on the last couple of days - finding poems, typing poems, and adding pictures to the poems.  I decided to do poems by month - so one new poem each month.  The September and October poems are the same as those used at the My Montessori Journey blog and found at the CanTeach website.  For the November poem, however, I went with a different poem, also found at the CanTeach website.  Below are links to all of the poems with pictures that I have made using Microsoft Word:




I have not yet found objects to go with each of the poems.  Once I finish finding, typing, and adding pictures to poems for the whole school year (through May), I will post pictures of the poems with the objects that will go with them.  Until then, sorry, I do not have any pictures.  However, if you visit the blogs listed above, you will find some great pictures of the objects others have used to go along with the poems.

That's it for today!  I will post the remainder of the monthly poems as I complete them!

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