Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Graduation, Gardening, drinking Glasses, and some Great Montessori resources

I can't believe how busy I have been since preschool ended for the school year!  It seems like I've been gone for at least a portion of every day. 

This past Sunday we all headed to Dewitt, Michigan to see my step-daughter graduate from high school!  I can't believe that just under 8 years ago she was only 10 years old.  Time sure does go by fast. 

We got on the road as early as possible in order to get seats that would accommodate an almost 2-year-old toddler (Froggy Boots) who was quite possibly going to need to leave the ceremony at some point.  Fortunately for us, she sat through the whole ceremony without incident with the help of 3 new Thomas and Friends books and some snacks!  We were all truly amazed!

My step-daughter sang one final song with the choir before the ceremony began.  It was the same song that ended the final choir concert of the year as well -- "For Good" -- which is a tear jerker, for sure.  The choir did an amazing job as usual! 

The rest of the ceremony moved along pretty quickly -- it was probably the shortest graduation ceremony I've been to, which was a nice change of pace.  It seems like there is usually a speaker at these events that is determined to become the world record holder for the longest speech at a graduation ceremony.  Not the case with this commencement.  Everything was just about the right length of time.  There were a total of 3 speakers, including the principal and the valedictorian, and each spoke for a very reasonable amount of time.  All the way around, it was a nice graduation ceremony!

Here is a picture of my step-daughter as she is leaving the ceremony as an official high school graduate!

Here we all are after the ceremony.  Froggy Boots was a little camera shy with all the different people taking pictures of us.

Meanwhile, back at home, my vegetable garden has really made some major growth progress with all of the rain we were having up until recently.  Pay particular attention to the tomato plants to the left of the picture -- they have more than quadrupled in size since I planted them!

And, here is a picture of Froggy Boots helping to water the plants using the water from her kiddie pool.  She loves to help water the plants!

Also on the home front, our switch to child-size drinking glasses for Froggy Boots has been a great success!  She is using her new drinking glasses very well and does not ask for her sippy cups.  When we are in the car or out somewhere that it does not make sense to use a cup or a glass, she uses her water bottle.

Since we switched her to drinking glasses, Froggy Boots has refused to drink her soy milk from a drinking glass, so she just has not had any soy milk at all.  But, last night we finally had the breakthrough I knew would come eventually -- she asked for milk!  And, she drank almost a whole glass of her soy milk right before bed -- which is when she used to drink her milk from a sippy cup.

Here is a picture of Froggy Boots eating breakfast this morning -- with the glass of milk she asked for AGAIN!

Over the last week and a half since preschool ended for the summer, I have been searching all over online trying to find free printable Montessori pink and blue scheme picture cards to use in my classroom next school year.  For those who do not know, pink scheme picture cards are pictures of 3 letter phonetic nouns used with the moveable alphabet for word building.  And, the blue scheme picture cards are picture of 4 to 6 letter phonetic nouns used with the moveable alphabet for word building. 

After spending multiple hours looking, I finally came to the conclusion that I was either going to have to buy them or make them myself.  So, of course, I decided to make my own since that is much more cost effective and I already have plenty of materials that will need to be purchased, not made.  Here are the pink scheme picture cards for free download and here is some other pink scheme material I also made.  I am not finished with the blue scheme material yet, so I will post that when I have it complete.

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