Thursday, July 7, 2011

Learning and Having Fun

Our sunflowers are growing fast!  12 of the 14 seeds sprouted and most have 4 leaves growing from a stem.  I'm anxious to find out what kind of sunflower seeds we planted.  (If you didn't read my previous post -- we took sunflower seeds from a bag of birdseed and planted them in a pot.)  Will they be the regular, yellow sunflowers?  Will they be giant sunflowers?  Will they be orange sunflowers?  There are so many possibilities! 

Here are some pictures of what our sunflowers look like now!

Every day I take Froggy Boots outside to water the sunflower seeds.  At first I'm sure she was wondering why we were pouring water all over the dirt!  She knows about watering plants, but watering seeds under the dirt is a totally different concept.   Now that the seeds have started growing, it probably seems more reasonable to her to be watering them.  Then again, she is 2, and doesn't really know why we would water plants in the first place.  Or, maybe this little activity has taught her about how and what a plant needs to grow!  I guess that would be the whole idea anyways...

I'm already working on cropping and sizing the photographs of the sunflowers as they grow so that I can make them into a book for Froggy Boots.  I may use them to make some other resources as well -- we'll see how much time I have.

Tomorrow we are planning a trip to the zoo.  I found a wonderful idea from Stephanie on her blog, Discovery Days and Montessori Moments, for a zoo animal scavenger hunt.  Froggy Boots' version is a little simpler.  I copied pictures of the animals directly from the zoo's website and pasted them into Word to make an animal scavenger hunt for Froggy Boots.  As we find each animal, she can put a sticker next to it.  I am also planning to take a picture of each animal that we see to make into a book for Froggy Boots.

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  1. Thanks for the link to my blog! I love your idea for the scavnger hunt! I think I will do that for Pup next time we go. The book idea is great too. I was thinking that next time maybe I will make a blank book with the continent sections in it and let Bunny paste the animals in the right continent areas! you have me thinking! :) I hope your trip to the zoo is fun! Cant wait to see your pictures!