Saturday, September 10, 2011

Super Saturday!: Playdough, Practical Life, and a Picnic at the Park

Since I started back to work, Froggy Boots has been having some major separation anxiety -- and she doesn't even go to daycare, she is at home with her Dad! She has even been insisting on taking a shower with me on the mornings she wakes up at them same time as I do. I can't walk upstairs without her yelling, "Mamma, Mamma! I come with Mamma!" over and over again. Needless to say, there have been a few tears on my part when I am driving to preschool in the morning.

So, last night I decided that Saturdays were going to be my special time to spend with Froggy Boots. And thus, Super Saturday is born!

For our first Super Saturday activity, Froggy Boots chose play dough. She loves play dough and has recently been using it every day. Today we spent a little over an hour with it!

Here are some pictures:

This is an angel sitting in a chair at a table waiting for "roni and cheese."

Froggy Boots working really hard to make a playdough Elmo.

She loves to make the Sesame Street characters with the play dough molds!

After we finished with the play dough, we went up stairs to Froggy Boots' room to put her clothes away in her closet.  This turned out to be a great Practical Life activity for her!  I demonstrated how to hang the clothes up on the rod in her closet and she took it from there.

Froggy Boots hanging her clothes up in her closet!

She even figured out that she needed to push her clothes over to make room for more clothes!

After we finished with the hanging clothes, we went on to her pajamas, shorts, and socks.  I demonstrated how to put folded clothes into the bins and Froggy Boots repeated what I showed her with ease.  I was really happy that she agreed to help me with this.  The last time I attempted to have her help with putting her clothes away, she ended up spending the whole time looking at books instead.

Froggy Boots putting her pajamas away all by herself!

More pajamas!
Although this activity went really well and Froggy Boots learned a lot, it was frustrating for me at times.  She wanted to help give me clothes to put on hangers and fold.  This sounds good in theory, but she mainly just ended up giving me mismatched clothes and giving the clothes a few more wrinkles than they had to start with.  It's times like these that it's good to try and remember that the process, not the product is what's important!

After Froggy Boots took her nap, we all ran a couple errands and then packed a picnic dinner to take to the park.  After all the rain the past few days, today ended up being the perfect day for a picnic!

Here are some pictures:

Froggy Boots and Daddy eating our picnic dinner!

Riding the pony!

Me: "Don't jump!"

There were lots of these little mushroom things of different heights to climb over.

This is a tunnel through the wheel of a tractor climber that Froggy Boots thought was a train...

More mushrooms to climb on...

These mushrooms lead up to the giant play structure at the park.

She made it all the way to the top by herself!

Looking out the window of the tractor that she thought was a train!

There were several slides at this park.  But, this one was the only small one.  Froggy Boots did not brave the big slides this time around.

We had a great Super Saturday!  I'm looking forward to next Saturday already!

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  1. Great idea! It looks like you two had fun! Happy Saturdays!