Wednesday, January 18, 2012

At Home -- December 2012 in Pictures

So, I've been trying to figure out a simple, yet descriptive way to blog about my home life.  That being my life outside of teaching preschool.  As I was looking through photos from this past December, I thought, why not do a pictorial overview of the month!  So here goes...

For the short amount of time we have had snow this month, we made sure to get out and play in it!

We did some "work" with pattern blocks.

And baked lots...

and lots...

of Christmas cookies!  78 to be exact!

Froggy Boots thought she could fool me by saying, "I'm just looking at them!"

And we decorated all 78 Christmas cookies...

one by one...

by one...

until they were all decorated!
Every last one of them...

I had to borrow space in Froggy Boots' play kitchen so that I would have room to let the frosting all harden!

We had lots of birthday parties with stuffed animal friends!

Did I mention we had LOTS of birthday parties?
This is Froggy Boots' grocery cart that she uses to transport all of the required supplies to hold a proper stuffed friend birthday party to the middle of my VERY small kitchen floor.
We took Froggy Boots to Chelsea Tree House -- an indoor children's play space.
We took a winter walk in the rain (yes, rain, not snow) with Froggy Boots' new umbrella.
I made two of these delicious Triple Chocolate Cheesecakes.  Oh, my, where they ever good!
  We spent lots of time with family!  This is Froggy Boots with her Aunt G.

This is our newest family member -- Froggy Bottom -- with Grandma D.  Froggy Bottom is Froggy Boots' cousin -- my little brother and his wife's first child.

Froggy Boots "spelled" lots of words with her "magic spelling wand."  Those are her words, not mine!

We, well Froggy Boots mainly, opened lots...

and lots of gifts!
One of Froggy Boots gifts was a dollhouse from her Grandma and Grandpa D!

Froggy Boots got to hang out with her other cousins -- my husband's brother and his wife's kids -- on New Years Eve.

Froggy Boots played with the same Nativity that I played with as a child!

And, of course, made our trip to Holland, Michigan to celebrate Christmas with the rest of my family.  This is Froggy Boots with one of her cousins!

Froggy Boots playing on Great Grandma C's rocking chair.
Well, there you have it folks!  I'm sure there are things I missed, but this was general overview of our month.  I hope to continue these pictorial overviews each month along with weekly posts about life at preschool!

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