Tuesday, February 14, 2012

On Valentine's, a special day...

Despite many efforts to update my blog weekly, I have not succeeded.  I would love to one day do daily posts, but I need to conquer the weekly updates first!  Enough about that!

The month of February has very few actual school days for my preschool classroom.  Between parent/teacher conferences and a week long mid-winter break, we really only have just over 2 weeks of school.  So, that makes my job easier as far as coming up with themes.  For the month of February we focus mainly on Valentine's Day -- with the addition of a short theme on pets after Valentine's Day and ending the month with a theme about night time.

Below are photos of Valentine's Day related work:

Practical Life Work:

Heart lacing
I found this awesome Valentine's Day tree and heart ornaments at Target in the dollar section!  The kids hang the heart ornaments on the tree.  This has been a big hit with the boys and the girls!
Valentine's Day flower arranging.
Putting pennies into a piggy bank.  I found the Valentine's Day piggy bank at Kroger grocery store!
Spooning plastic hearts into an ice cube tray with heart shaped ice molds.
Tweezing plastic hearts into a Valentine's candy box.

Sensorial Work:

Sensory table with rice.  For Valentine's Day I added fake rose petals from the Dollar Store, plastic hearts from the Target Dollar section, plastic X's and O's from the Target dollar section, heart shaped pasta from World Market, and strips of soft red fabric I just happened to have saved from something else.  The kids love the sensory table!
Here is a close-up of the inside of the sensory table.
This is a pattern block heart from Making Learning Fun.
This is a heart shape puzzle from Making Learning Fun.
This is a light box (for looking at x-rays at a doctors office) with clear colored magna tiles -- not Valentine's Day related, but the kids love it!  The picture looks like it was taken in the dark, but it wasn't...
Art Work:

Homemade heart stamps.  I used foam hearts and glued them to film canisters and these other clear plastic containers I had in my cupboard.
Heart shaped pasta
Cut-out paper hearts
Sticky-back foam hearts left over from another project
Valentine's Day stickers

All of these items are out on the shelf as free art materials to be used as the children wish.

Math Work:

Counting hearts into a Valentine's candy box.  There is a different number in each space -- the numbers are not in order.  The child counts the correct number of hearts into each space.
Number order puzzle (numbers 1-10) from 2 Teaching Mommies
Number order puzzle (numbers 11-20) from 2 Teaching Mommies
Hundred Board Heart extension activity from Lil Country Kindergarten
Sweethearts graphing from 2 Teaching Mommies (of course, this was a hit because the kids could bring the candy home after they graphed it)
Heart number matching cards from Confessions of a Homeschooler with plastic heart counters from the Target dollar section.
Adding Kisses addition cards from Making Learning Fun.  I took the cards out so that you could see them.  But, they are normally inside the heart basket.
Conversation Heart count cards from Making Learning Fun.  Again, the cards are normally kept inside the heart basket.
Language Work:

Heart alphabet matching (upper to lower case) from www.prekinders.com
Valentine's beginning sound clip cards.  Unfortunately, I do not remember where I found these.  If you happen to know where these are from, please let me know so that I can give credit to the person who made them.
"Hearts Everywhere" interactive book from Chepel Hill Snippets
Valentine's Songs:

(to the tune of BINGO)

On Valentine's, a special day, I give each friend a heart.
I give each friend a heart!

Love Somebody

Love somebody, yes we do.
Love somebody, yes we do.
Love somebody, yes we do.
We love ______________. (fill in child's name)

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  1. Great works!!!!! You put so much work and dedication into your class! I love it!

  2. Thanks, Stephanie! I've really been working on adding more theme based works to the shelves!