Wednesday, March 21, 2012

At the End of the Rainbow

Last week was a crazy week for me, so I did not get to post about the Rainbow and St. Patrick's Day work we did at school.  My daughter, Froggy Boots, was admitted to the hospital with pneumonia on Monday afternoon and was not released until late Wednesday morning.  I ended up having to cancel school on Tuesday and Wednesday so that I could stay with Froggy Boots in the hospital. 

Despite canceling school one day for each class, we still managed to fit in lots of rainbow and St. Patrick's Day themed work.  Below are some pictures of the new work on the shelves last week:

Leprechaun hundred board extension from Lil' Country Kindergarten
Roll, Count, and Color Shamrocks to find the pot of gold from in the members area.
Lucky Charms graphing from 2 Teaching Mommies
Make a rainbow book from "The Learning Center, Inc. Preschool/Kindergarten"
Inside the rainbow book - color one color of the rainbow on each page.
Inside the rainbow book - on the last page, color the whole rainbow!
Mini Do-A-Dot rainbow marker page from Making Learning Fun
Fruit Loop rainbow from Making Learning Fun
Spooning plastic clovers from Michael's
Tweezing rainbow erasers from Target dollar section
Rainbow color discover bottles - if put on top of the light box, the colors shine!
For our art project this week we made Jello Scented Rainbows from Making Learning Fun.  This is a project I only do with my 4-year-old class because it requires a lot of following directions and fine motor skills.
Below are some other non rainbow or St. Patrick's Day related works that were new on the shelves last week:

Using a tiny screwdriver to put screws into a piece of wood.  One of my preschool Dad's made this for me!  Isn't is neat!
Pouring water into three small cups.
On the school day before St. Patrick's Day the leprechauns came and made a mess in our classroom.  But, in return they left us a note and a special golden treat at the end of the rainbow - we had to clean up the mess they made and then go on a hunt for each color of the rainbow - at the end there were golden chocolate kisses for each of the kids!  It was a fun time!

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  1. Ohhhh I hope Froggy Boots is on the mend! That sounds like a rough time!

    Your works are ever so cute and I love the little leprechauns that stop by! ;) It sounds like a lot of fun!!!!!

  2. Thanks, Stephanie! Yes, she is completely better now -- she went back to school this week and it's like she was never even sick!