Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Growing Seeds and Squirmy Worms!

As I promised last week, I am posting pictures of all of the seeds we have been planting and how they are growing.  Most of the seeds we planted are growing, although some did not...

These are the seeds from our seed matching work and all of the different bean seeds I happened to have in the classroom.  The 4's class kids were so excited about planting seeds that I had to keep trying to come up with more to plant!

Here are the grass seed characters we made in both classes:

And, here are the basil seeds we planted in the 4's class:

And, the lima bean seeds from both classes - some grew, some did not...

And, although I do not think they are growing, the worms in the worm farm have certainly been making trails...  You can see where the dark soil has been "trailed" through the sand - that's where the worms have been traveling along!

That's it for today!  Please check out my "Lesson Plans to Pots and Pans" FB page for more ideas for your classroom!


  1. Awesome! Nothing better then seeing science in action!!!!! We did quite a bit of bean work last year, and I found that if you soak the beans overnight, they have a better chance at growing! Happy Schooling!

  2. Stephanie - Thanks for the tip - I will have to try that next year!