Friday, May 18, 2012

A Special Guest!

This week was our last week of preschool for the school year!  I can't believe it went by so fast!  For our last week, I was very excited to welcome one of my former preschool parents as a special guest.  Her name is Keri Middaugh and, as I previously posted on my blog, she recently wrote her first children's book called My Detroit Garden!  Below is a picture of her book:

Keri came to our school, read her new book to the kids, talked a little bit about books, and then did a seed planting activity with the kids!  Below are some pictures of our time with Keri:

Reading My Detroit Garden!

Planting seeds!

Choosing seeds to plant!

Planting seeds
We had a great time!  And, it was really neat that the kids had the chance to meet a real author!  

If you would like to read more about Keri, please visit her blog at  And, her book is available for purchase directly from the publisher at  It is a wonderful book that would make a great addition to any child's or teacher's library!

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