Tuesday, May 1, 2012

More...From seeds to plants...

Carrying on from my post yesterday...  We had lots of other new work on the shelves last week.  Below are some pictures of each of the works and the kids using them:

Seed sorting with tweezers
"Seed Packet Memory" from Making Learning Fun - can be used as a matching game as well.
April number tracing calendar from the "free printables" section at Child Care Land.
Spindle Boxes with kidney bean seeds for counting - numbers 0-4
Spindle Boxes with kidney bean seeds for counting - numbers 5-9
Counting box - numbers 1-10
Shape dominoes
Matching halves of shapes dominoes
Uppercase letter matching
Letter sound/object matching - Foam letters from alphabet puzzles to match with objects that begin with each letter.
My new pink reading scheme set-up!
Moveable alphabet with pink object boxes - The moveable alphabet is from the members area at Montessori For Learning.
Picture/word matching - These are free from Montessori Materials.
More picture/word matching - I made this and it is available for free download under the "Montessori Downloads" tab on the top of my blog.
Reading lists - I found these online for free a long time ago and can't remember where I found them... if you know where they are from, please let me know so I can give credit to the person who made them!
Spelling words - this is from the members area of Montessori For Learning
Picture/letter/word matching puzzles
Spindle Boxes with bean counters
Spelling words with the moveable alphabet
Reading word lists
Matching words to pictures
Spelling words
Mystery number...letters?  The lids thought it was hilarious that I had letters for the mystery number!
Sorting seeds with tweezers
Two cylinder blocks together
Counting Box
Well, that's it for this week!  We are having so much fun learning about seeds!  Come back and check out all of the fun we are having learning about plants this week in my posts next week!

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