Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day and Monday

Mother's Day was a very busy day for our family.  Although the morning routine went about the same as it usually does, we did have the opportunity to participate in a child dedication with Froggy Boots and about three other families at church.  Froggy Boots had no interest in being up on the stage and kept trying to climb down.  After her efforts to climb off the stage were unsuccessful, she took off across the stage.  Fortunately, with the number of people standing with us, she did not have a chance!

Later that afternoon, Froggy Boots, my husband, and I went to the downtown library to surprise my Mom for Mother's Day.  Unfortunately, she was unable to attend Audrey's dedication or participate in any other Mother's Day fun because she was working.  So, we decided to bring Mother's Day to her!  We surprised her with a framed photo collage with photos of her and Froggy Boots and were able to visit for a while and check out some more books and Thomas movies.

After our journey to the library, we decided to go to Big Boy for dinner.  Big Boy is our regular place to go out to eat with Froggy Boots.  She always looks forward to "roni and cheese" and chocolate milk when we go there.  The fast, friendly service is always a plus as well!

At some point during the day on Sunday, Froggy Boots began this intermittent barking cough.  It was definitely worse at night -- although she still only coughed about once an hour and it only woke her up once at about 3:30am.  The cough was, however, exacerbated by a night terror around 9:30pm.  She started crying and thrashing about, so I went into her room to hold her until the night terror was over.  The crying caused her to begin gasping for breath, which was pretty scary.  After doing some research online Monday morning, I came to the conclusion that she probably has a minor case of croup.  So, I called the Dr. this morning just to make sure I didn't need to bring her in.  The nurse advised me of what to watch for and at what point I would need to bring her in if it got worse.  So far, Froggy Boots has not gotten any worse, so I think we are probably in the clear.

I'm just wondering what happened to my healthy little girl!  Until two months ago, she had not been sick even once.  And, now, all of the sudden, she has been sick three times in two months.  Thankfully, when she is sick, she is generally just as happy and content as when she is healthy.

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