Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Earth Day: Part 3

As usual, at least at my school, there is always work on the shelves that is not related in any way to the theme for the week.  And, that is what I am going to post about today!

Pouring water with a funnel.  I've also used a larger pitcher than I have in the past - but the kids were able to handle it very well, even the younger ones!
Spooning rice and pouring with a teacup.
Tweezing spring erasers.
Geometric solids sorting cards extension from Chasing Cheerios.
Counting jewels into plastic egg carton.

Earth Counting book using the free printable offered by Living Montessori Now.
Sorting spring erasers.
Here are some pics of the kids at work:

Tongs with plastic Easter eggs.
Mystery Number - - small plastic eggs.
Sorting spring erasers.
Adding book from Karen Tyler's class through World Wide Montessori Online with colored bead stair.
He came up with his own pink tower/brown stair extension!
Check out what one of my 4's class kids wrote all by herself!  These are her clues for her show & tell.
It says, "It has pretty shoes.  It have pretty clothes."  I was totally blown away when her mom told me she had sounded out the words and written them all by herself!

Unfortunately, my supposedly "smart" phone neglected to upload most of my photos from last week automatically through Google + like it is set up to do.  So, I only have a fraction of the photos as I normally do - which is why there are not very many photos of the kids at work in this post...  oh well, it seems to be working again this week.  So, hopefully next week I will have more photos to post again!

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