Monday, April 2, 2012

Working with Easter

The week before Easter is Spring break for my preschool, so we are not going to have an official "Easter" theme this year.  So, during our last week before Spring break, while we were finishing our unit on colors, I pulled out a bunch of fun Easter themed work as well.  Easter is so colorful, I thought it would go right along with our color theme anyways!

Here is what we were busy doing last week:

Montessori color box 3 from Kid Advance Montessori
The 4's class kids made a color book - the pages in the book are the same as the ones I have shown here.  Each day we mixed different colors together - the first 3 days we mixed primary colors to make secondary colors and the last 2 days we mixed white with a color and black with a color to see what would happen.
Tonging Easter eggs
Pouring jewels
Easter egg dipper transerring
Spooning small plastic eggs.  The challenge with this work is to only pick up one egg at a time.
This is one of those little travel games.  I bought 2 sets so that there were enough bunnies to put one in each hole.  The kids really like this work!
Tweezing cotton balls
Playdough with small Easter cookie cutters, rollers, and plastic knife.
Playdough with large Easter cookie cutters, rollers, and plastic knife.
Easter basket color word match from Making Learning Fun
Spring-themed gluing work - pastel paper squares, small paper umbrella punch-outs, small yellow pon-poms, star beads, buttons, medium pastel pon-poms.
Object/letter match - each egg has an uppercase/lowercase letter on it -- child matches the object that starts with each letter to the correct egg.
Uppercase/lowercase letter match - one basket has half jelly bean eggs with lowercase letters, the other has half jellybean eggs with uppercase letters.  The child must match the two sides of each egg together.
Patterned egg sorting -- these eggs have very intricate patterns on them.  This work is a bit more challenging than just sorting colors.
Close-up of the patterned eggs for sorting.
Counting Easter erasers.  There are ten small baskets (for coloring eggs), each with a number 1 through 10 on it.  The Easter erasers correspond to each basket by color.
I happened to find these Melissa and Doug lacing beads at a thrift store recently, so I decided to make them into a number order work.  I pulled out just the number beads and put them with the lacing string.  The kids put the numbers on the string from 1 to 10.
Color themed books on the bookshelf.
Here are some pics of the kids at work:

Pink Tower with number extension cards from Montessori Mom.

Happy Easter!

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  1. You have so many great Easter activities, Mieke! And it's wonderful to see the children so concentrated in their work with them! Thanks so much for linking up with Montessori Monday. I added your post and featured your Object-Letter Match photo in my Montessori-Inspired Easter Activities at